Into The Night – Part 1

Into the Night

Until one has loved an animal a part of one’s soul remains unawakened. Anatole France

by Carolyn Logan

July 22, 2018

**✿❀ Into the Night ❀✿**

Since I am new to blogging I have decided to take an extra week to get my blog set up. But I will put my first story here until it has it’s new home, hopefully by next weekend.

I have carried a lot of pain through my life, enough to fill Samsonite luggage collection. But that’s another story. It has gotten better. When you have a lot of pain and feel it deep to your core, it’s because you love and care more deeply. That’s me. The day I lost my Emma, I cried so hard that a headache came on and didn’t leave for a week.

Emma brought a light into my life that I didn’t know was out or that it even existed. A step further to my soul and to my being.  It wasn’t just that we were friends, it was what she taught me about life. She took me to a place where I could spend hours on end and it was as if the clock would stop when I spent time with her.

Some may read this and think I’m crazy for writing about a pig. But she was more than a pig. She was a living being with heart and soul, and she showed me how smart she was.

Where this story starts is that I had been working part time and had just ended spending my weekends traveling out of town a few hours drive back and forth, to care for many rescued cats that had been in my care. We had been dislocated. Now I had to find a spot out of town somewhat close from where I lived to bring the cats to. A place that would allow for them to be set up in a huge kennel. This was all going to be temporary until I could get myself settled some place again. A place to call home as I had lost ours about 3 or 4 months before this.

Now I had found a place and I had to drive every day after work to feed and care for the cats. Sometimes when I got there, it was dark outside already but I had lights set up in the kennel for the babies.

 On this one night, as I was saying goodnight to the kitties and had finished feeding and cleaning up the kennel, I heard a noise. It really sounded kind of scary but it also sounded like whatever it was, it was speaking to me, like trying to get my attention. Now I have always been one of those brave people, “I will check it out, I’m not scared”, I’d say. And go head strong into God only knows what. There was a fence dividing the property there where I kept the cats and they had neighbors, but not super close. You could not see over the fence and it was at a distance to where you really never paid no mind to it. So brave me slowly crept up and around the front of the fence to get to the other side to see what this was, and it may possibly be in the neighbors yard. I was following the fence the whole way and could still hear this noise. It was pretty dark out. I started realizing it sounded like some strange animal.  Was it a bear? A wild cat maybe?I was slowly walking into the neighbors yard, as it was so dark I could barely see,  I was still creeping along the fence, then all of a sudden something lunged out of the black night at me and made this loud noise. I knew it had stopped just in the nick of time in getting me, so the first thought was it was a huge dog on a leash and luckily the leash had ran out and I had jumped back just in time. It gave me a heart attack. Then I could see there was another smaller fence between us two and I could faintly see it was standing up and holding onto the fence. I was not sure what this creature’s intentions were, especially not even knowing what it was. I could almost make out what it was. A black dog? It looked like a small black bear. It was in some type of pen. I ran back to my car and got my flashlight out and returned. Lo and behold, it was a scrawny looking, but kind of big black pig in a pen. As soon as I realized this, that’s all my curious mind needed to know. I don’t know nothing about pigs, she’s not mine, she’s someones animal, and so back to my car and I headed home.

to be continued next week…

“I was slowly walking into the neighbors yard, as it was so dark I could barely see,  I was still creeping along the fence, then all of a sudden something lunged out of the black night at me and made this loud noise. “

“Animals are the bridge between us and the beauty of all that is natural. They show us what’s missing in our lives, and how to love ourselves more completely and unconditionally. They connect us back to who we are, and to the purpose of why we’re here.” ― Trisha McCag

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